The Z ChemGear™ equipment and associated chemical lines are robust, high quality, reliable, and cost effective. We are your 'one-stop' supplier for all chemical and reagent feed and mix systems, specialized high value process equipment and water treatment chemical products. Click here to learn more about our product lines >

Customized Systems

While based on standard packages, Zeroday customizes our systems to fully meet customer application requirements. Applications differ in layout, mix-feed system sizing and duty requirements so at least some standard package modifications enhances the Z ChemGear capabilities and duty fit and needs. Click here to learn about our customized system packages capabilities >

Product Line Applications

Use our product line application table to find the right Zeroday product to meet your engineering challenge. Click here for access to our product line applications.

Latest News

Mainland Machinery ships large xanthate mixing-feed system

Zeroday chemical systems partner Mainland Machinery has shipped a large PAX (potassium amyl xanthate) mixing-feed system to a Caribbean flotation mill. Based on Zeroday’s Vale Thompson Manitoba mill PAX mixing system design, this system additionally incorporates a day tank with transfer and dosing pumps. Key system design criterion and elements include: 2600 gallon mix tank, […]

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Mining Industry Advances Coarse Particle Flotation Recoveries

In many cases, flotation is a highly effective mineral recovery unit operation.

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Bill Hancock Becomes SME Foundation President

Bill Hancock assumed the Society of Mining, Metallurgy and Geology (SME) Foundation Presidency during the recent SME Annual Conference and Exhibit.

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