The Z ChemGear™ equipment and associated chemical lines are robust, high quality, reliable, and cost effective. We are your 'one-stop' supplier for all chemical and reagent feed and mix systems, specialized high value process equipment and water treatment chemical products. Click here to learn more about our product lines >

Customized Systems

While based on standard packages, Zeroday customizes our systems to fully meet customer application requirements. Applications differ in layout, mix-feed system sizing and duty requirements so at least some standard package modifications enhances the Z ChemGear capabilities and duty fit and needs. Click here to learn about our customized system packages capabilities >

Products & Applications Library

Zeroday prides ourselves on fully supporting our customers, not only with leading equipment and chemicals-reagents, but also application information, product data, technical literature, test procedures and other support information and materials. Click here for access to our product documentation, educational content and videos.

Latest News

Zeroday Supplies Wide Range of Chemical Storage-Mixing-Feed Systems

Process and industrial plants use a wide range of chemicals that must be stored, mixed and fed to their processes….

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Accurate Slurry & Pulp Level Measurement

Accurate Slurry & Pulp Level Measurement when there is a froth or foam on top of the flotation cell, mixing tank or sump can be challenging under many conditions.

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What would a 1% increase in your flotation plant recoveries be worth?

How can we encourage our busy customers to allow us to make innovative contributions and develop innovative technologies? Join the discussion…

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