Zeroday Offers a Complete Program to Lower Flocculant Costs

December 1, 2010 by Bill Hancock 0 comments

Dry flocculants are much more economic than emulsion flocculants. Capturing these cost savings requires lab and plant flocculant product evaluations and installation of an effective mixing-feeding system.

Zeroday has dramatically reduced the effort and risk in conducting evaluations and installing an economic, effective, and easy to use mixing-feed system. We have developed a complete package of tools and solutions that makes conversion to a dry flocculant program low risk and easy:

  • If presently using an emulsion flocculant, evaluate the payback period, NPV, ROI, and DCF-ROR economics of converting to a dry flocculant using the financial calculator.
  • If positive, contact Zeroday for evaluating an offset dry flocculant and to setup a trial.
  • Zeroday will setup and man a fully self contained flocculant mixing-feed system for plant trialing to assess the dry flocculant performance on the plant process. The photos show the system components, including an office-lab trailer, which Zeroday brings on site.
  • From performance trial results establishing consumption rates, a final economic analysis is done on the engineered mix-feed system required.
  • The Z ChemGear™ D Series is easy to install and setup, when delivered you can be using dry flocculants essentially immediately.
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