Zeroday Enterprises is a supplier of chemical, chemical reagent mix and feed systems, and process equipment. Established in 2001, we serve a range of global industries in mining, municipal, and food & beverage, and industries that can utilize our product line.

Zeroday is focused on customer satisfaction, and thus strives to drive down operating costs by continuously developing effective treatment options. We have considerable hands on process, operating, and chemical applications experience that directly reflects our ability to deliver customizable product packages. The Z ChemGear™ equipment line is highly reliable, cost effective, and significant to the operation; furthermore, it is capable of meeting the most challenging niche requirements. Zeroday’s broad applications experience combined with our Z Chem Gear™ equipment line make us an industry leading process, water, and wastewater treatment company.


Zeroday is a global supplier of process, water and wastewater treatment products through diligent, responsive and outstanding customer service. To create and produce reliable and cost effective products while being socially responsible to our world community and profession.


It’s the employee’s dedication to the customer that make Zeroday the kind of company it is. Zeroday has brought a creative, adaptable and diverse team together that delivers results to our customers process, water and wastewater treatment needs. We strive to maintain an open culture, in which everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. Our collaborative, hands-on culture, allows us to deliver products and exceed customers expectations worldwide.

What is Zeroday

  • Technically focused, equipment and application specialists.
  • Best in class customer service.
  • Aligned with suppliers who can make us best in service and products we offer.
  • Consistently striving to achieve and maintain highest quality standard in all our products and service offered.
  • Consistently and as a rule exceed expectations, individually and as a company.
  • Always ethical in our dealings with customers, suppliers, and to each other.
  • Will compete hard “leaving everything on the field” but will do so fairly knowing at the end of the day we must feel good about who we are and what we do.
  • Relentlessly and constantly improve our products and product lines, business strategies and our processes so we consistently provide maximum value to the markets we serve.
  • Will be socially responsible, contributing to our communities, our professions, and society as a whole and endeavor to maximize our social and environmental sustainability.
  • Will have fun.