Z ChemGear™ E Series Emulsion Flocculant Mix-Feed Systems









El Aguila System

Zeroday-Mainland Machinery partnership supplies robust Z ChemGear™ E Series emulsion flocculant mix-feed systems, that at the core uses highly effective emulsion inversion technology that consistently produces thoroughly activated (mixed) solutions. Properly , providing optimum flocculant performance and maximized economics. Further, inverted solutions are aged in innovative baffled tanks to provide sufficient aging time, minimized short circuiting with optimized minimal footprint. Small to medium sized systems are fully skid mounted with larger systems supplied on individual skids.

E Series systems are sized for the application with a full range of sizes offered. Before shipment all units are factory preset, fully tested and made ready for installation. Our systems are “plug-n-play”; Zeroday-Mainland’s systems installation essentially only require hooking up power, piping in a single point water supply and connecting the application delivery piping to the system manifold. The systems are dimensionally sized to efficiently fit into shipping containers.

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Teck Elkview System

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