Peristaltic Hoses

The Z ChemGear™ peristaltic pump hoses are multi-ply and precision ground, designed and manufactured for long operational life and minimized cost. Ranging in sizes from 10 to 150 mm bore (ID), the Z ChemGear™ peristaltic pump hoses are appropriate for a wide variety of pumping duties.

Peristaltic Hoses

Manufactured for precision, the Z ChemGear™ peristaltic hoses, are wrapped with a rubber cover which is cure bonded to the hose. The hoses are then precision machined to precise diameter dimensions over the entire hose length. This ensures the hose does not overstress the pump, gearbox and motor bearings; fluid backflow is minimized and eliminated which leads to reduced flowrates, excess hose erosion and ultimately reduced hose life; and importantly, minimizes power consumption and power costs.

A wide range of hose materials of construction are available to accommodate a broad range of fluids to ensure the longest possible hose life. Materials of construction available include:

  • EPDM
  • CSPE
  • Natural Rubber
  • Nitrile (food grade and industrial).

In addition to supplying replacement hoses for Z ChemGear pumps, Zeroday also supplies competitor replacement peristaltic hoses including the following brands:

  • Bredel™
  • Delasco™
  • Envirotech®
  • Periflo
  • Ponndorf™
  • Watson Marlow™

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