Zeroday Product Line Applications

Z ChemGear / Zeroday Distributed Equipment:


System Mix-Feed Packages
Flocculant Chemical Reagent Pump Skids Lime Hose
Tube Dosing
Mixers/Aerators LTM probes
flocculation thickener underflows, chemicals/flocculants thickener underflow feed coagulant
flocculation Caustic pH adjustment, metal precipitants Chemical feeding, slurry transfer clarifier underflow feed coagulant, chemicals flocculation tank, water holding tanks
modifiers (zinc and copper sulfate, CN, starch, MBS, etc.) xanthate, depressants often banks of dosing pumps controlled via DCS pH control, flotation modification froth pumping collector and chemical dosing flotation cell level monitoring
General pumping
froths, thickener underflow pump sump level control
OSA (on line stream analyzers)
slurry pumping to xray analyzer, return
Autoclave-CIP, CIL
lime, chemical, slurry pumping pH adjustment (large!) slurry transfer chemical dosing autoclave mixers, slurry tank mixers
CIP, CIL Leaching
CN, NaOH chemical feeding, carbon transfer pH control chemical feeding, carbon transfer chemical dosing (antiscalants, etc) leach tank (can be VERY BIG!)
starch mixing, cobalt sales, etc. feeding lixiviant and diluent potential crud removal from settlers dosing various chemicals for mixing leach solution with extractant
Merril Crowe
feeding diatomaceous earth (DE) slurry, zinc slurry pH control, metals precipitation feeding diatomaceous earth slurry, zinc slurry slurry tanks such as DE slurry mixing
Water Treatment (boilers, cooling towers, etc)
general purpose pumping, controls pH control, metals precipitation volume pumping, needing good control, solids chemical dosing tanks