Zeroday has developed diverse, high quality product lines that provide a wide range of treatment options. These products are distinctly scalable to the specific application sizes, particularly for small-to-medium-sized applications but in many cases large treatment applications.

As an entrepreneurial and innovative company, Zeroday is constantly developing new products and process options that have value to our markets. Our lines include a mix of standard products and new, innovative products utilized individually and in combinations to achieve customers’ treatment goals.

Typically, our sales and field engineers

  • Analyze your process
  • Define with you the process capabilities needed
  • Conduct the necessary lab and pilot testing to define the optimum treatment solution
  • If equipment is necessary, determine appropriate sizing
  • Provide costs and economic benefit estimates for your consideration
  • Oversee installation and provide on going technical support

From individual consumables — such as polymers, chemicals, and Sludge Sacks™ — to equipment options and packages, Zeroday can, if necessary, design a complete scaled process for your treatment needs that are as fully capable as a “concrete and iron” process at a fraction of the cost. We provide full-package, complete innovative process solutions that will meet your regulatory and operating needs within your budget and time frame.