Customized Systems

All applications differ sufficiently in layout, sizes and duty requirements where at least some equipment customization and modification are required for best service. Zeroday is highly cognizant that just supplying standardized equipment packages without some customization limits our system’s capabilities and can fall short of fully meeting customer needs. Consequently our standard equipment packages and systems are adapted to customer application needs.

Zeroday‘s Z ChemGear™ base systems include two fundamentally different dry flocculant mixing-feeding units, dry volumetric feeders with three different variations, two different emulsion mixer base units, standard LTM pulp level probes, tube and hose peristaltic pumps, mixers and agitators and portable and box style samplers. Beginning with the base system that will meet the application’s requirements, an equipment package is assembled, sized and customized for the exact fit the duty requires.

Reagent and chemical storage-mixing-feeding systems in particular are highly customized based on types of reagents and chemicals, dose rates, whether storage and mixing are required, plant layout, utility requirements, and system control capability requirements. Z ChemGear systems typically mix automatically, but feed controls range from manual H-O-A with speed pots to HMI, ethernet for communicating with the plant DCS/SCADA computer system including remote system monitoring and operation depending on specifications.

We endeavor to fully satisfy our customers and meet the duty requirements.