Peristaltic Tubes

Peristaltic Peristaltic TubingPeristaltic tube pump performance is dependent as much on the tubing as the pump drive. Matching and balancing tubing diameters, materials of construction and wall thickness to both the pump drive and fluid being pumped ensures optimal application performance and lowest operating costs. For instance, increasing the tubing size reduces the pump drive’s rpm, which extends hose life. In addition, as a very general rule of thumb, greater wall thickness often means, longer wear life depending on the application; but these must be balanced with the application needs and requirements. Zeroday will provide our expert recommendations for minimized operational issues and optimum economics.

Zeroday peristaltic tubing includes 19 sizes ranging from 0.03 inch (0.8 mm) to 0.62 inch (15.88 mm); three different tube wall thicknesses including thin, thick and high pressure; and we supply over 12 different materials to best match tubing to essentially any chemical or fluid and application requirements.  Depending on the tubing materials of construction, tubing comes as elements (shorter ~ 15 cm length) or in rolls ranging from 10 to 50 foot long.

Of paramount consideration is ensuring the tubing materials of construction are compatible to the fluids for optimized tubing life and pump system effectiveness.  Our wide range of tubing materials include:

  • Pharmed
  • Norprene/TPE
  • Tygon/PVC
  • Viton
  • Silicone Rubber
  • Gore with variants within each type of materials.


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