LTM-2 Slurry Level Measuring Probe

ltm2ProbeZeroday’s LTM-2 Slurry and Pulp Level Measurement Probe is the latest technology advancement that provides significantly more accurate and effective slurry, pulp and water level measurement and monitoring. Based on conductivity measuring principles with an advanced proprietary signal processing algorithm, the LTM-2 probe accurately tracks slurry water height and is particularly effective measuring and monitoring slurry-froth and foam interface levels. LTM-2 provides highly repeatable, nearly instantaneous and 1% accurate slurry depth measurements. Excellent service is provided in mining, pulp & paper and various industrial applications. LTM probes are easy to install and use with only a simple desktop measuring range calibration required.

This presentation provides details on the LTM-2 Slurry Level Measuring Probe:

Through the 2-wire connection in the head, the LTM-2 probe enhances process control that improves plant operation consistency and results. In mining applications, probes are particularly effective in flotation cells, flotation columns, pump sumps, filter tubs and anywhere slurry and pulp pulps must be effectively and accurately measured. In pulp & paper and other industrial processes, LTM probes provide excellent service in foamy, frothy tanks and sumps. Because sump levels can rapidly fluctuate, the probe’s fast response time typically provides much better performance vs. ultrasonics.

Older technologies that include ultrasonic, differential pressure and capacitive methods often do not provide sufficiently accurate measurement and generally do not provide trouble-free unattended operation. These old standard technologies are often affected by the presence of froth and foam, froth and foam buildup and fluctuating pulp % solids. Froth-foam and fluctuating % solids have no bearing on LTM-2 probe measurement operation and because the probe has no moving parts, there is little that must be attended. LTM-2 probes are rugged for long life in agitated tanks, tolerate solids and scale build up very well and provide years of excellent performance when properly installed.

LTM-2 probes have only one variable: length. We supply probes in lengths from 100 to 3000 mm (9.8 feet), customized and fit for your specific application. Brackets are also supplied to hold the probe in place (which also provides an electrical reference) and are usually recommended. Depending on the application, brackets and bracket installation may be modified to ensure good performance. Although the head is rated IP-69K (e.g. “dunk proof”), some customers in specifically challenging situations prefer enclosing the head in Zeroday’s optional head cover.

Contact Zeroday to discuss your application, LTM-2 probe length needs and installation requirements.

Product Datasheet – English (PDF)
Product Datasheet – Spanish (PDF)
Product Datasheet – French (PDF)
LTM-2 Installation Manual – English (PDF)
LTM-2 Installation Manual – Spanish (PDF)
LTM-2 Installation Manual – French (PDF)

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