Z ChemGear L Series Peristaltic Hose Pumps

June 5, 2012 by Bill Hancock 0 comments
In a significant pump line enhancement, Zeroday now offers the standard setting Z ChemGear L series peristaltic hose pump.

Initially showing their mettle in aggressive mineral slurry pumping applications,these pumps offer significant value and cost savings in a plethora applications ranging from pumping lime slurries, aggressive chemicals, solutions and water, high viscosity mineral slurries, food paste products, activated carbon to … safely pumping live fish.

A large rotor and roller design dramatically decreases overall cost of ownership:

  • Hose life is doubled
  • Power consumption is reduced.
  • Lower maintenance costs and downtime.
  • 50% of lubricant requirement vs. competition

The L Series pump advantages:

  • Up to 665 gpm/147 m3/hr capacity, largest in the industry!
  • Self-priming with up to 30 feet/9 meter suction.
  • Reversible to clear line blockages.
  • Fabricated, not forged housing with all laser cut and auto-welded seams for consistent and optimum performance.
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