Latest product addition: The Effective Pulp and Water Level Monitoring LTM Probe

November 1, 2012 by Bill Hancock 0 comments

The Pulp and Water Level Monitoring LTM probe is the latest innovation for effectively and efficiently measuring challenging pulp and water level monitoring applications. In mineral flotation, the LTM probe offers enhanced level control, resulting in higher concentrate grades and recoveries. Payback periods generally are exceedingly short!

Further, LTM probes are also an effective and trouble free tool for maintaining consistent pump sump levels particularly when there is froth in the box, as well as maintaining general tank water levels.

Pulp and Water Level Monitoring probe

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  • Conductive vs. capacitive
  • 1% accuracy, 1% linearity
  • Near instantaneous readings
  • Extremely stable operation
  • Very low maintenance
  • Easy to understand and use


A 1 hour strip chart example provided below from an actual operation demonstrates typical LTM measurement stability vs. a typical ultrasonic-float ball target measuring assembly. The LTM probe was installed as a ‘follower’ (red trend line) and not tied into the pulp level control scheme, just provided level monitoring for comparison. The ultrasonic trend line is in green.

 Pulp and Water Level Monitoring LTM Probe

Also, note the harmonics on the Pulp and Water Level Monitoring LTM Probe is much lower which means less system ‘noise’. Despite the ultrasonic signal being damped by signal updates every three seconds, there was vastly greater system signal noise vs. the level probe that updated 10x per second.

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