Z ChemGear Portable Sampler

December 7, 2012 by Danniel Rolfe 0 comments

The portable samplers, designed and manufactured by Zeroday Enterprises, is a battery powered pump that is based on peristaltic technology. Our portable samplers have utility in a number of applications ranging from environmental stream sampling and plant slurry sampling to heap leach solution sampling. This product was actually conceived and developed for sampling heap leach solutions from 500 foot long 3/8 inch poly lines. Zeroday’s sampler design resolved line air locking issues because the peristaltic pump head is capable of 26 feet water suction and eliminated tedious hand pumping multiple sample lines. Because of the sampler’s effectiveness, the customer now has four (4) samplers in use.

  • Up to 26 feet water suction
  • Operating time on is 1 hour 40 minutes before battery recharge
  • Easy backup battery swap out to extend field sampling time
  • Pump rates from 500 – 2400 cc/min possible
  • Wide range of tubing materials to match any water, solution or slurry composition

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Using solar battery charging sampling system designs, placement of field sampling stations is now possible where there is no power available:

  • PLC based allows automatic timed sampling schedules
  • Just periodically pick up your samples, replacing with empty bottles
  • Establish water, solution or slurry sampling schedules to meet needs
  • Independent sampling of multiple streams possible
  • Incorporate an sample line flush into sampling sequence

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