D50 Flocculant Chemical and Reagent Feed System Hecla Grouse Creek Startup

January 15, 2013 by Danniel Rolfe 0 comments

Zeroday’s Z ChemGear™ D50 Flocculant Chemical and Reagent Feed System was successfully started up at Hecla Mining Company Grouse Creek Mine reclamation project. Hecla purchased the D50 system as part of a significant water treatment plant upgrade for long term treatment at minimized operating costs. This plant treats runoff waters and seepage from the former Grouse Creek mine. As with all the Z ChemGear™ systems, the flocculant mixing and feed system was customized to meet the Grouse Creek water treatment plant requirements.

  • Stainless steel tanks, auger feeder, wetting funnel, and mixer.
  • Specially designed extra large dry powder hopper to minimize operator attention.
  • Two (2) 0-2 gpm progressive cavity polymer solution feed pumps, one operating, other stand by.
  • Fully automatic mixing; operators basic control is polymer feed pump.
  • Allen Bradley HMI, ethernet PLC with panel view to allow remote system monitoring and feed pump control.

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Z ChemGear™ D50 Flocculant Chemical and Reagent Feed System









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