“Plug and play” Z ChemGear E5 Emulsion System

August 2, 2013 by Danniel Rolfe 0 comments

Emulsion make down system fabricated for a mining operation in Mexico. This video illustrates Zeroday Enterprises Z ChemGear E5 Emulsion Systems. For more information visit our website: www.ZerodayLLC.com.Mounted on our signature powder-coated blue skid and constructed with 304 and 316 stainless steel, our Z ChemGearTM E5 Emulsion system is a fully automatic complete skid-mounted emulsion flocculant mixing system with custom components and instruments. This robust “plug and play” system has peristaltic tube flocculant feeding pumps, PLC, tank level float switch and calibration columns

The emulsion system was designed and built for a mine operation in Mexico that required a system capable of producing 40 pounds per day emulsion flocculant solution for feeding copper, lead and zinc concentrate thickeners. Our customer needed an emulsion system that met very specific requirements. Customization such as 316 stainless steel piping to ensure compatibility with cyanide solutions, automatic tank level sensors, PLC communication and controls and manuals in English and Spanish. Zeroday prides itself on being the one-stop supplier for all flocculant, chemical and reagent mix-feed systems, specialized process equipment and water treatment chemical products. Furthermore, we deliver products that meet customer’s specifications in every aspect.

Overall, this project was a success. We manufactured an emulsion system meeting the customer’s requirements and provided controls and operating manuals in their native language and English that was built for many years of reliable and consistent service.

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