Unit Process Consulting now represents Z ChemGear in Australasia & South Africa

April 1, 2014 by Bill Hancock Comments Closed

Unit Process ConsultingZeroday Enterprises, LLC recently announced that Unit Process Consulting of New South Wales, Australia, is now a sales agent representing the Z ChemGear™ flocculant, chemical and reagent system product lines. Their sales and marketing focus includes the Australasian region, as well as South Africa.

“This is great news for our global expansion efforts,” commented Bill Hancock, Zeroday President. “Unit Process Consulting is a technically focused mineral process equipment company who not only has great credibility, and is also well positioned in their markets. Zeroday is very much looking forward to supporting their efforts and working with their customers in the Australasian and South African markets.”

Andrew Bridson, Principal for Unit Process Consulting added, “We have evaluated various product line extensions and the Z ChemGear™ products stood out. The added attraction is that Zeroday is strongly focused on being the ‘go to’ company for chemical systems. Their process engineering and broad chemical application experience obviously are carried forward and applied to their system designs and consequently present much value to our customers.”

Zeroday is actively expanding their sales channels globally and have representation in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australasia and South Africa. They continue to seek strategic distributors and agents to enhance their global coverage.

Unit Process Consulting’s contact information is andrew.bridson@unitprocessgroup.com.au
(www.UnitProcessGroup.com.au) and +61 (403) 358-109.

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