Bill Hancock Joins SME Foundation Executive Committee

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Bill Hancock, SME FoundationThe SME Foundation (SMEF) welcomes Bill A. Hancock, ad hoc member, to its Executive Committee. Hancock is president of Zeroday Enterprises, which is primarily focused on design and supply of chemical systems, and principal of Argo Consulting, which provides technical and marketing mineral process and water treatment consulting services to the mining industry. He received his B.S. degree in mineral engineering from the University of Minnesota in 1977 and his M.B.A. from Northern Michigan University in 1985. He is a licensed professional engineer. He also is an SME registered member and an MMSA qualified professional.

Prior to founding Zeroday and Argo, Hancock held executive, senior technical and account management positions at large- and medium-sized mining operating and sales companies, as well as holding a university business department adjunct position.

Hancock has been awarded two mineral-process patents and has published several technical and finance papers. He served as president of and served three times on the SME Board of Directors. He has chaired the national GEM Committee, the annual meeting Program Committee and the Mineral & Metallurgical Processing Division. Her served on four symposia organizing committees, the Mineral & Metallurgical Processing journal editorial board and is serving for a second time on the SME Foundation Board of Trustees. For his efforts on behalf of SME and the mining industry, Hancock received the SME Distinguished Member and the Mill Man of Distinction awards and has received a Presidential Citation twice, for his work as the national GEM Committee chair and for organizing and leading early SME’s eLearning development efforts.

Hancock’s Comments

When asked what Hancock hopes to bring to the committee, he responded, “The mining industry and what it represents has been and continues to be the core of my professional identity. My involvement with SME has been unbelievably rewarding, both professionally and personally, and I continue to feel a strong urge to continue giving back to the organization and industry for what it has given to me. At this juncture, there are few more important ways to support our industry, and I am honored to serve on the SME Foundations’s Executive Committee. SMEF is an important fundraising vehicle for the development and long-term maintenance of vital public education and professional development programs in support of our membership and mining industry. SMEF has been gaining strong momentum over the last several years, and I want to contribute in the continuance and acceleration of that growth and development of strong, important programs.”

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