Masterflex® Pump

A pump head consists of only two parts: the rotor and the housing. The tubing is placed in the tubing bed – between the rotor and housing, where it is occluded (squeezed).

The rollers on the rotor move across the tubing, pushing the fluid. The tubing behind the rollers recovers its shape, creates a vacuum, and draws fluid in behind it.

A “pillow” of fluid is formed between the rollers. This is specific to the ID of the tubing and the geometry of the rotor. Flow rate is determined by multiplying speed by the size of the pillow. This pillow stays fairly constant except with very viscous fluids.

Peristaltic Pumps: An Effective Alternative

  • Powerful vacuum moves both gases and liquids without clogging and no vapor lock.
  • Completely closed system design means no valves, glands or seals to wear out.
  • Masterflex pumps are bi-directional to allow removing fluid and slurries from discharge pump lines and unplug tubing.
  • Superior performance in corrosive, viscous and abrasive handling applications.
  • Self priming for instant startup, high suction lift (up to 29 feet water) provides for operating flexibility and quick ramp up from no-flow condition to desired setpoint.
  • Pump acts as its own check valve – when pump stops, the occluded portion of the tube stays squeezed shut.
  • Masterflex pump heads are designed for easy tubing exchange for reduced downtime and safety.
  • Simple, push button operation for optimum, repeatable performance and fast, simple field setup and calibration.
  • Pumping capacities from 0.001 ml/minute to 175 gpm.
  • Very gentle method of pumping does not damage shear-sensitive products.
  • Requires very little maintenance to keep in peak operating condition.
  • Many Masterflex models are lightweight and compact – ideal for portable field use for multiple applications.
  • New formulations in elastomer materials can provide tubing life in excess of 10,000 hours depending on operating conditions.

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