Zeroday's technologies offer new water/wastewater and soil management options to farm and ranch applications that are often more effective than conventional products.Our extensive treatment knowledge has lead to the development of innovative, low cost and quality products, programs, and treatment strategies that will effectively and efficiently resolve farm and ranch issues and to create opportunities leading to increased profts.

Zeroday supplies a wide range of products to effectively manage costs, increase treatment flexibility and ensure environmental control within permit limits:

  • Extensive line of water clarification and waste treatment polymers and coagulants (Z Flocc™Z Clear™)
  • Passive, low operator attention and no utility requirement flocculant treatment lines of products.
  • Peristaltic tube pumps for delivering and feeding essentially all liquids including highly corrosive and high viscosity products and slurries effectively from 1 cc/minute to 140 gallon/minute flowrates under a wide range of conditions.
  • Water treatment chemistries including metal control and water treatment reagents.
  • Polymer and chemical mix and feed systems, including automatically controlled and remote monitored capabilities (Z ChemGear™).
  • GEM™ air induced flotation machines for effective solids-liquids separations.