Zeroday closely identifies with the mining industry and offers a wide range of value-added products, services and programs for effectively managing processes and treatment programs. Our in-depth technical and process knowledge and experience with mining applications and treatment systems make us experts in finding and developing a strong solution for you.

Combining Zeroday’s vast mining industry knowledge and experience with our value-added products allows us to effectively:

  • Improve process performance and recoveries (Note: periods are not needed because these bullet points are not followed by complete sentences.)
  • Increase system capabilities
  • Reduce costs (again, the word “effectively” is used. It is used so much it draws attention to itself.)
  • Add flexibile operational ease

Bill Hancock is well-established in the mining industry, having worked for mining companies, mining chemical and service suppliers and as a mineral processing consultant. His expertise and experience is focused on flotation, mine water discharge treatment and thickening and clarification.

Our product lines are used singly and in highly effective and efficient combinations.

Zeroday’s products and capabilities are enhanced by our wide range of process and treatment experiences from other industries we serve. As a consequence, our innovations in one industry are transferred to all industries, resulting in high-quality, unique and effective product lines that potentially offer significant benefit to our mining customers. Zeroday brings to bear a multitude of methods, strategies and solutions to mining process and treatment and capturing opportunities.