Z Clear™ Coagulant

Z Clear is a full range of highly cationic charged inorganic and organic coagulants that are used to neutralize particle and sludge surface anionic charges. Oftentimes coagulating very fine and colloidal solids improves supernatant clarities in solids-liquid separations — such as thickening, filtering and clarification. Furthermore use of a coagulant can reduce higher-priced flocculant dose levels.

Thermodynamically, fine and colloidal particles tend to aggregate; but in many systems, particle surface charges repel and disperse the particles,which prevents good water clarity levels. Inducing aggregation of these particles typically requires neutralizing at least some of the particles’ surface charges, which can be accomplished with dosing a coagulant to the solids-liquid separation feed waters and slurries. This results in fine particle aggregation, which improves flocculation performance and enhances water clarity. Additionally, in situations of insufficient mass for clarifying turbid waters, adding coagulants can increase mass and improve flocculation performance. As long-chained molecules, flocculants often are too large to pull very fine and even colloidal particles together into a floccule, so aggregating the very fines before flocculation can enhance settling rates faster in thickeners and clarifiers to improve filtration performance, among other things.

The Z Clear coagulant line includes inorganic chemicals, including aluminum- based molecules, coagulant blends that can enhance performance, as well as ferric salts. Organic coagulants primarily include dimethylammonium chloride (DADMAC) and edi-dma (polyamine). The following summarizes the products offered:

Type Coagulant Chemistry
Inorganic Aluminum chlorohydrate (ACH)
Polyaluminum chloride (PAC)
Ferric salts (sales of sulfate, chloride)
Organic Diallydimethylammonium chloride (DADMAC)
Epi-dma (‘polyamine’)


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