Z ChemGear™ D Series Dry Flocculant Mix and Feed Systems

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The Zeroday-Mainland Machinery partnership supplies robust, efficient, and reliable Z ChemGear™ D Series dry flocculant mix-feed systems that are designed to provide years of excellent service in even the most challenging environments. Relying on our years of flocculant use and application experience, Z ChemGear D and E systems are designed with minimizing operator attention and maximizing process effectiveness.

Poorly designed and built flocculant systems guarantee that flocculant mixing will be a messy nuisance at best and certainly and inevitably resulting in costly process disruptions and inconsistent performance. Z ChemGear dry mix-feed systems are designed and built to minimize installation effort and provide optimal process performance::

  • Skid mounted, sized to fit in shipping containers for transport
  • ‘Plug and play’ design for easy installation and startup
  • Fully tested before shipment with initial mix system settings
  • Fully automatic flocculant solution makedown process
  • Customized systems built for customers distinct application requirements
  • Built robust for durability
  • Cost effective and can be fabricated to minimize order lead times

This Systems Presentation provides details on chemical characteristics that impact proper design of chemical systems.

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