AFX Mixers, Agitators and Aerators

Zeroday is a sales agent for AFX mixers, agitators and aerators for all application mixers and agitators are required including mining, municipal, industrial, food and beverage, chemical, etc. AFX designs and supplies very small <1 HP to the very large technically complex 150 HP and larger sized mixers. Afromix, the South African precursor company has more than three decades of mixer manufacturing and supply experience where they have gained majority market share but also supply some of the largest most technically complex mixers across the African continent as well as in South Africa, Australia and East European countries. To establish their Western Hemisphere presence, AFX was incorporated as a Canadian company headquartered do their manufacturing in the Vancouver, British Columbia metro area.

AFX Mixers AFX Mixers, Agitators and Aerators AFX Mixers, Agitators and Aerators

Using finite elemental analysis (FEA) computer simulation technologies, AFX’s mixers are designed to the highest technical design standards to maximize power efficiency, maximum performance and long mixer life. The exacting design standards are carried forward in fabricating shaft and impeller, hub, bearing pedestal, and mounting bases at high quality standards at Pitt Meadows. Gearboxes are specifically built for each design to meet rigorous design standards required for the application. Net result is Canamix supplies highly cost competitive mixers at industry standard setting quality that provide high application performance.

AFX are applications experts and are sought for their consultative advice and analysis of customer mixing process application challenges, difficulties and shortcomings. Their very high level of technical mixer applications expertise and long experiences are reflected in the efficiencies and long lasting mixers they supply.

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