Peristaltic Hose Pump

Z ChemGear™ peristaltic hose pump’s cutting edge design provides key benefits over the competition. Utilizing robust roller rotor technology, larger pump cases that pump more fluid per revolution and using high-grade precision ground hoses dramatically reduces total ownership costs. Z ChemGear peristaltic hose pump’s superior design provides up to 40% lower electrical power costs, requires fewer hose change-outs (often resulting in 50% lower hose costs), significantly less lubricant volumes and is solidly built for maximum reliability—provideing the lowest peristaltic hose pump total operating cost available.

afx-pumpZ ChemGear hose pumps provide up to 29 feet (9 meters) water suction and can handle pump discharge pressures to 10 bar. The peristaltic hose pumps are self-priming, can run dry without damage and do not shear fluids. Consequently, the pumps are used for pumping the most challenging fluids—including high viscosity slurries and pastes, mixed phase froths and foams, fluids that are shear thinning/thickening without changing thixotropic properties, lime slurries, a broad range of chemicals (with hose materials to match application), and sludges containing tramp materials such as rags that would stop other pumps. Z ChemGear peristaltic pumps are the perfect and ideal pump for a wide range of applications.

The Z ChemGear peristaltic hose pump models are sized for the application for volumetric rates from 0.1 to 650 gpm (500 cc/min to 147 m3/hour) with 10 to 150 mm (0.4 to 6 inch) bore hoses. A wide range of hose materials are available to meet application requirements and include natural rubber, CSPE, EPDM and nitrile (industrial grade and FDA approved) that ensure optimum service duty and life pumping a wide range of liquids, slurries and mixed liquid-solid-gas mixtures.

Pump sizes, motor power, operating speed and hose specifications are calculated and recommended for each application. A wide range of options are considered, including voltage and electrical frequency requirements, speed control needed and connection types—all are incorporated into the Z ChemGear hose pump build specification.

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