Zeroday Enterprises Finalizes Agreement with AGL Onsite Solutions

Zeroday and AGL Onsite Solutions Finalized Our Agreement

Zeroday Enterprises, LLC (Zeroday) is pleased to announce the finalization of our agreement with AGL On-Site Solutions Inc. (AGL) who will distribute our equipment products to Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management (EPCM) companies throughout Canada.  The marketing and sales agreements covers Zeroday’s flocculent, chemical and reagent mix-feed systems and additional products such as LTM slurry level monitoring probe, tube and hose peristaltic pumps, and tank mixers.

“Zeroday feels fortunate to have a business partnership with AGL who is well positioned in the Canadian EPCM equipment supplier market. They are a great fit for marketing and selling our products,” said Zeroday President, Bill Hancock. “Zeroday and AGL are looking forward to supplying our chemical systems and associated equipment to Canadian engineering companies throughout the world.”

AGL is a sister company to Wiseworth Canada and Nuovo Parts Canada and USA. The company offers pre-manufactured and design-build projects with a focus on:

  • Low Pressure and High Pressure Compressed Air Systems (Blowers and Compressors)
  • Nitrogen (N2 ),  Oxygen (O2 ), and Carbon Dioxide (CO2 ) Generator Systems
  • Waste Recovery Systems
  • Compressed Natural Gas Systems and Vehicle Refueling Stations
  • Modular Buildings

As with Zeroday, AGL is focused on catering to the major market segments such as Mining, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Power Generation and General Industrial Manufacturing. These market segments require reliable products as well as equipment expertise.

Vice President of AGL, Vince Piccolo, stated:

“AGL is always seeking high quality products and value adding companies with engineering solution capabilities to satisfy the needs of our demanding customer base. Zeroday and its Z ChemGearTM product line meet the criteria.”

AGL Project Director, Richard Campbell, further added:

“Based on our marketing investigation, we feel that the Zeroday product lines will become very important to us simply because we have found our customers are seeking complete solutions.”

Zeroday sells and supports products globally with representation in both North and South America.  It is also actively expanding and filling the coverage of their vast sales agent and distributor network. Zeroday is excited about the establishment of this partnership and highly regards AGL On-site Solutions as an important business partner.