Zeroday ships Z ChemGear D100 Flocculant System to NJ Mining

June 30, 2015 by Bill Hancock 0 comments

NJ-Mining-Z-ChemGear-01On May 28, 2015, Zeroday shipped a D100 dry flocculant mixing-feeding system to NJ Mining whose sulfide flotation mill is located east of Kellogg, ID. The D100 system is a fully automatic skid mounted, integrated ‘plug-n-play’ flocculant mixing and feed system having a nominal rating of 100 lb/day (45 kg/day) on a 24-hour day, 0.25% flocculant concentration basis. This unit will replace their existing manual batching system.

Key D100 technical description and features of the system delivered include:

  1. Over-under tank design where the mixing tank is located above the day tank with ultrasonic monitoring of both tanks. When day tank level reaches low-level limit an automated solenoid valve opens to drain the mixed flocculant solution from the mix tank to day tank. When drained, the system automatically makes a new flocculant batch.
  2. Tanks and hopper made from heavy-duty 1/8″ 304 passivated stainless steel passivated to minimize corrosion and increase tank life.
  3. The pumps, flocculant hopper, wetting & transfer unit separately mounted on a second skid to allow positioning in the mill. A flexible hose with camlock end fittings connect the day tank to the pump skid.
  4. Standard 220-volt/1ph/60Hz NEMA 4 panel.
  5. Control is by standard Automation Direct PLC and HMI using programmable logic to control the system.
  6. Feed pump controls manual via the HMI or by plant DCS system (Wonderware) remote signal.
  7. Hopper capacity is 220 lb (100 kg) with an integrated bag breaker for easy filling. The hopper cover seal is heavy-duty rubber gasket material for long life, soft closing. The oversized lid reduces finger-pinching possibility.
  8. Dry polymer is augered from hopper into an oversized wetting funnel to minimize fish eyes and flocculant build up. A 1-inch eductor below the wetting funnel suctions the polymer-water slurry into the eductor, further dispersing & flash mixing the flocculant particles as the polymer particles flow into the eductor and high velocity motive water. Eductor water flow transfers the polymer to the mix tank.
  9. A specifically sized AFX Mixer Technologies mixer ensures good, low shear mixing and flocculant dissolution.
  10. Three Seepex progressive cavity pumps provided with skid system, two operating with one standby. Butt-welded all stainless interconnected piping with 1″ flanged POCs. The pump VFDs are included in the Zeroday control panel Manual flow measure monitoring is through installed 2-liter graduated draw down cylinders dedicated to each pump.

NJ-Mining-Z-ChemGear-03Zeroday supplies high quality, long-life, and durable chemical mixing-feeding systems that enhances process performance and control. A range of flocculant systems built at the same high quality standards include 350 and 700 lb/day over-under tank mixing equipment that are fully skid mounted ‘plug-n-play’ ready. Systems as large as 5-10,000 lb/day using mix-mix system designs are offered.



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