Peristaltic Tube Pumps

Zeroday’s Z ChemGear™ peristaltic tube pump is the optimum tool for a safe, accurate, and efficient chemical dosing and transfer for 0.1 to 3400 cc/minute. Built for effectively pumping liquids, chemicals and slurries, the Z ChemGear peristaltic tube pump, are an ideal tool for a variety of applications. Peristaltic tube pumps are capable of suction up to 26 feet water (8 meters) and can operate dry with no damage. These peristaltic tube pumps are self-priming and evacuate air from lines. The only fluid contact is inside the tube which maximizes safety, and minimizes operating hassle, as well as extends the pump life.

Peristaltic Tube Pump - Z ChemGear

Our Z ChemGear peristaltic tube pumps are uniquely designed with two (2) easy loading heads variations, so that tubing replacement is an easy and quick process. These heads accommodate over 19 tubing sizes and wall thicknesses, as well as 16 different construction materials that are matched to the application for effectively and economically metering and transferring a wide range of chemicals and fluids at a 0.1% precision level. Further, discharge pressures up to to 150 psi are possible with our high performance head and high pressure tubing.

Zeroday’s pump drives are supplied in electric and pneumatic models, optional in plastic, steel and stainless steel housings, NEMA 4x and IP66 for excellent water and dust resistance and are available for hazardous and flammable fluids and environments. A variety of the pumps comes optional with an LCD screen which display the flowrate, dispense volume, cumulative volume, dispense interval number and motor rpm parameters to maximize operator control and operations flexibility. All pumps come with remote control capabilities via PLC signal.


Pump, Systems and Tubing Product Sheets (click to download PDFs):

Zeroday-LS Precision Peristaltic Pump Systems

Zeroday-BT Analog Digital Variable-Speed Systems

Zeroday-BT Air Powered, Fixed Speed, Adaptor Systems

Zeroday-BT Pump Tubing

Zeroday-IP Air Powered Pumps

Zeroday-IP Industrial Process Console Pumps

Zeroday-IP MultiChannel Washdown Pumps

Zeroday-IP Tubing

Zeroday-LS Standard Digital Pump Systems

Zeroday-LS Tubing

Zeroday-LS 4X Digital Pump Systems

Zeroday-LS Process Digital Pump Systems


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