Zeroday Announces Mainland Machinery Partnership

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Zeroday Enterprises LLC and Mainland Machinery Ltd are pleased to announce a partnership to advance Zeroday’s chemical mixing and feeding technology. As of August 9, 2016 Mainland has been named the exclusive distributor and manufacturer of Zeroday’s Z ChemGear product line of flocculant, chemical and reagent mixing and feeding systems!

The mutually supportive skills and core capabilities of each partner will enhance business competitiveness, capabilities and product line strength.

Mainland has over 45 years of value added manufacturing and engineering experience with involvement in diverse industries such as mining, oil & gas, municipal infrastructure, industrial agriculture and ports & terminals. Zeroday is an industry technology leader in process, water and wastewater treatment and brings extensive chemical knowledge and experience used in designing quality, effective and robust chemical mixing-feeding systems.

Zeroday Z Chemgear D100 Flocculant Mix and Feed System


Mainland is an industry leader in custom fabrication and industrial design and offer a diverse and skilled workforce that provides quality services in machining, millwrighting, mechanical and hydraulic system installations.

Zeroday is excited about partnering with Mainland who will provide greater engineering and fabrication resources and expertise. And Mainland, with locations in Wilsonville, Oregon and Abbotsford, B.C., is pleased to be working alongside Zeroday Enterprises to produce innovative and cutting edge technologies!

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