LTM-2 Probes Provide Consistent Sump Level Measurement Resulting in Better Cyclone Performance

February 14, 2017 by Bill Hancock 0 comments

Mill’s have shown a significant interest in using LTM-2 probes for measuring secondary mill sump pulp levels due to their accuracy, fast response and not being affected by froth-foam or subject to erroneous signal bouncebacks. In fact over the last year the bulk of Zeroday’s probe sales have been in ferrous and base metal mill pebble and ball milling sump applications. Uniformly the experience has been that where LTM-2 probes have been installed, much more consistent level control has been obtained due to the greater slurry level measurement effectiveness vs. the generally used ultrasonic and radar sensors.

Zeroday LLC LTM-2 Probe

Bare LTM-2 Probe Installation in Sump.

Maintaining a cyclone feed sump level results in much more consistent cyclone operation and particle sizing that leads to improved downstream process performance and metallurgical results. Too often mills battle mill sumps levels experience sometimes dramatic sump level fluctuations and even overflow causing pump head pressure fluctuations that negatively impacts cyclone performance. Or worse, the sumps empty causing pump cavitation that wrecks havoc on cyclone sizing performance. A first mineral processing principle is consistency leads to improved plant performance. LTM-2 probes significant benefit is the increased operational consistency provided. For cyclone sumps, LTM-2 probes improves circuit performance right at the beginning with improved particle size classification leading to improved downstream metallurgy.

Zeroday LLC LTM-2 Probe

LTM-2 Probe Installed Inside Protective Poly Pipe.

Depending on the sump conditions, the probes have shown little wear over a year in some secondary mill sumps, without need for special protection measures. But where the particles are very coarse with high velocity and when balls discharging into the sump are present, some protection against wear may be required. In these situations installing the probes inside wear resistant poly pipes with the probe located high enough to avoid direct high velocity contact with the mixing slurry minimizes probe wear. Properly locating in the sump that takes advantage of the LTM-2 probes effectiveness further improves probe performance.

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