Mineral Processing and Mining Environmental Consulting

The water and wastewater professionals at Zeroday are technically focused, with significant treatment experience in a variety of industries including:

This expertise is availed to you when you purchase Zeroday’s products and process systems. If technical investigations are required, Zeroday can be hired as a technical consultant to investigate and resolve your problems.

Z ChemGear™ product line:

The Zeroday team is managed by Bill A. Hancock, who has an established mineral processing and mining environmental consulting practice. He has worked domestically and internationally on technical, operating, process design and technical marketing projects. Mr. Hancock is a registered Professional Engineer, as well as a member and qualified professional in the mining industry. He has held technical, operating, research, sales/marketing executive positions in medium-to- large-sized companies. Furthermore, Mr. Hancock has held numerous Society of Mining Engineering leadership positions and has been elected a Distinguished Member of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME), to which he also holds Trustee and Board of Director positions.

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