Xanthate Mix System Installation Update

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 Large capacity xanthate (PAX) Z ChemGear™ mixing-feed system

The installation of the large capacity xanthate (PAX) Z ChemGear™ mixing-feed system has been successful! This system has a 2,400 gallon (9.1 m3) live xanthate mixing capability for 10-30% solution concentrations, depending on how many supersacks are emptied into the mixing tank. Solutions are transferred to a day tank having 3,000 gallon (11.4 m3) live capacity from which feed pumps deliver solution to the process. See blog
Mainland Machinery ships large xanthate mixing-feed system
for the system’s technical details.

This system was jointly designed by Zeroday Enterprises, LLC (Wilsonville, OR USA – www.ZerodayLLC.com) and Mainland Machinery Ltd (Abbotsford, BC Canada – www.mainlandmachinery.com) and fabricated by Mainland. The Zeroday-Mainland partnership supplies high quality Z ChemGear™ chemical mixing-feeding systems globally; wide range of chemicals including xanthate, dry flocculant, CMC, dextrin, copper sulfate-sulphate (CuSO4) and many others. System designs and capabilities are based on deep process knowledge, understanding operating and H&SE requirements and significant chemical understanding based on years supplying a range of specialty and commodity chemicals.

Large capacity xanthate (PAX) Z ChemGear™ mixing-feed system

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