Mainland Machinery ships large xanthate mixing-feed system

November 13, 2018 by Bill Hancock Comments Closed

Zeroday chemical systems partner Mainland Machinery has shipped a large PAX (potassium amyl xanthate) mixing-feed system to a Caribbean flotation mill. Based on Zeroday’s Vale Thompson Manitoba mill PAX mixing system design, this system additionally incorporates a day tank with transfer and dosing pumps.


Key system design criterion and elements include:

  • 2600 gallon mix tank, 3100 gallon day tank
  • Full stair and platform access to xanthate hopper, mix tank and day tank
  • Capable mixing 10-30% solutions
  • Mixer, pumps, piping and valves optimally designed for trouble free performance
  • Vented as one unit to control CS2 emissions, CS2 is a known neurological hazard, generated by constant xanthate solution breakdown
  • System captures fugitive xanthate dust when dumping
  • Collected vent gases scrubbed with carbon for enhanced CS2 and organic safety
  • All motors NEMA 4x rated
  • Motorized supersack hoist for placement on bag breaker and dumping into hopper
  • Mix tank recirculation-solution transfer to day tank pump
  • Full tank level monitoring
  • Tanks and system components are highly accessible

The Zeroday-Mainland Machinery partnership supplies optimum mixing and feeding system designs for explosive gas generating chemicals including xanthates, sodium sulfide (Na2S) and sodium metabisulfite (MBS – Na2S2O5). These are rigorously designed and built to maximize health and safety conditions and meet code requirements.

Mainland has engineering offices and fabrication shops in Abbottsford, BC Canada.

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