LTM-2 CE Certification

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Occasionally Zeroday’s North American customers express a need for UL (Underwriting Laboratories) or CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certification that entails third party testing and certification. The UL and CSA requires on-going periodic recertification as well. Maintaining UL or CSA certification is expensive, particularly for a relative low sales volume device compared to other electrical products in the market.

In accordance to UL and CSA procedures and rules, LTM-2 probes do not need these certifications. UL or CSA certification is usually not provided for passive devices and not for active devices with a rated auxiliary voltage < 50 volts. The LTM-2 probe is operated with 18-36 V DC power. A formal letter from Instek Controls, LTM-2 supplier explaining that UL and CSA certification is not required is provided through the following hyperlink: Instek UL, CSA letter

LTM-2 probe has CE (Conformité Européenne) electrical certification which is a European Union standard which allows free marketability in the European Economic Area. There is strong structure to CE certification.

When marked CE, the manufacturer or importer claims compliance with relevant EU regulations and declares it is solely responsible for product conformation to all electrical legal requirements. Manufacturers and importers using the CE mark must rigorously follow the legal requirements to ensure the product conforms to required health, safety and environmental standards.

Certain obligatory steps must be adhered before the product can bear the CE marking. The manufacturer must carry out conformity assessments, establish a technical file and sign a Declaration stipulated by the leading legislation for the product. Authorities must be given access to this documentation upon request. Similarly, importers must also follow these procedures and additionally must ensure manufacturer contact is always established.

Devices marked CE must follow a rigorous certification process:

  • Products subject to certain EU directives or EU regulations providing for CE marking must be affixed with the CE marking before they can be sold in the EU market.
  • The product may be placed on the market only if it complies with the provisions of all applicable directives and regulations and if the conformity assessment procedure has been carried out accordingly.
  • The manufacturer draws up an EU declaration of conformity or a declaration of performance (for Construction Products) and affixes the CE marking on the product.
  • If stipulated in the directive(s) or regulation(s), an authorized third party must be involved in the conformity assessment procedure or in setting up a production quality system. Because LTM-2 is a low voltage and passive device, third party assessment is unnecessary.
  • If the CE marking is affixed on a product, it can bear additional markings only if they are of different significance, do not overlap with the CE marking and are not confusing and do not impair the legibility and visibility of the CE marking.
    • The LTM-2 supplier may decide at some point in the future to gain UL and/or CSA certification but is not presently planned due to the relatively high administrative efforts and on-going testing costs. But rest assured LTM-2 is a quality device the conforms to the highest health, safety and environmental safety standards.

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