Benefit of Using LTM-2 in Enclosed Flotation Cells

January 28, 2020 by Bill Hancock 0 comments

Some operations fully enclose to make airtight their flotation cells to minimize sulfide mineral oxidation and control bulk water chemistry occurring from oxygen; the air from collapsed froth is recycled by the float cell and/or N2 gas is used as the flotation air. The enclosure makes effective slurry level monitoring challenging as operators cannot easily view or access their installed level measuring devices. Operators have greater difficulty assessing solids build up and/or mechanical issues on the slurry level measuring devices. Opening the enclosure disrupts the nonoxidizing atmosphere and affect metallurgy. Since cell enclosures also minimize overall cell visibility, froth and actual levels observation are also more challenging. This impacts consistent and positive flotation circuit control and, consequently, can have a negative impact on optimum flotation operation.

LTM-2 conductive slurry level probes offer considerable operational value for enclosed flotation cells and circuits. This passive device has no moving parts which eliminates mechanical failure as a potential operational problem. The LTM-2 probe can effectively measure, on a practically instantaneous basis, the flotation slurry-froth interface even with solids build up on the probe. Once installed the probe requires very minimal operator attention. Once the probe is calibrated, which is done dry on a shop bench before installation, rarely does the probe have to be attended to ensure on-going consistent performance. LTM-2 technology has 0.1% accuracy and 1% linearity over the probe length so excellent level measurement is provided.

Enclosed flotation cells and circuits are an ideal LTM-2 application. Due the LTM-2’s inherent operating principles and product quality, increasing level control consistency will result in improved metallurgical performance. Zeroday’s LTM-2 webpage provides much information on the probe including product data sheets, manuals and presentations in several languages.

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