LTM-2 Slurry Level Measurement Probe: Alternative Devices Performance Comparisons

March 17, 2020 by cuprum 0 comments

There are a myriad number of slurry level measuring devices available for measuring pulp levels in flotation cells, sumps and tanks that use a wide range of technical principles. Zeroday’s LTM-2 conductive probes have number of distinct advantages over alternative devices:

  • Effectively measures the interface between pulp and froth/foam
  • No mechanical moving parts
  • 0.1% measurement accuracy and reproducibility
  • Near instantaneous readings
  • 1% linearity over length of probe
  • Not affected by slurry % solids changes
  • Varying % air in slurry does not affect (e.g. float cells), rarely affected at extremely high air level
  • Accurate readings even with normal solids build up on probe
  • Typical one-time calibration, easy setup and installation
  • Minimal operator attention required
  • Great option for challenging locations where access is limited, such as enclosed float cells
  • Materials of construction and design provide long life
  • Generally the least expensive option when including all direct and associated costs

A device comparison quick summary chart showing the positives and negatives for each type of product technology is provided below:

A hyperlink to this chart can also be accessed by hyperlink: Alternative Devices Performance Comparisons Chart

Check out Zeroday’s webpage which provides probe/ which provides all the information related to the LTM-2 probe: We encourage you to contact Bill Hancock at +1 (503) 799-7507 or to discuss your pulp level measurement needs.

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