The Z ChemGear™ equipment and associated chemical lines are robust, high quality, reliable, and cost effective. We are your 'one-stop' supplier for all chemical and reagent feed and mix systems, specialized high value process equipment and water treatment chemical products. Click here to learn more about our product lines >

Customized Systems

While based on standard packages, Zeroday customizes our systems to fully meet customer application requirements. Applications differ in layout, mix-feed system sizing and duty requirements so at least some standard package modifications enhances the Z ChemGear capabilities and duty fit and needs. Click here to learn about our customized system packages capabilities >

Product Line Applications

Use our product line application table to find the right Zeroday product to meet your engineering challenge. Click here for access to our product line applications.

Latest News

LTM-2 CE Certification

Occasionally Zeroday’s North American customers express a need for UL (Underwriting Laboratories) or CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certification that entails third party testing and certification. The UL and CSA requires on-going periodic recertification as well. Maintaining UL or CSA certification is expensive, particularly for a relative low sales volume device compared to other electrical products […]

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LTM-2 Slurry Level Probe PowerPoint Presentation

Zeroday developed an LTM-2 slurry level measuring probe presentation for introduction and training purposes. This PowerPoint product overview provides product details, operating principles, benefits, range of customers who have made the switch to LTM-2 technology and ordering information. More information is provided on Zeroday’s LTM-2 webpage, a series of LTM-2 blog posts, and the supplier […]

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Z ChemGear Chemical Systems Design Considerations

Each chemical class, and even within that class, have physical, chemical, safety and environmental differences that must be considered when designing and building chemical systems. Z ChemGear systems are designed, engineered and fabricated to fully account for each chemical’s unique characteristics to ensure maximum and efficient chemical utilization. This presentation provides details on chemical characteristics […]

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